In case any of my followers didn’t know, I’m super into iOS modding and jailbreaking, etc. As such, I have gained access to the beta version of the new iOS, iOS 7, and took a few screenshots of my set up. The whole interface was totally rearranged and the design is just completely different from what you’re used to with your current iOS.

Apple is also taking notice of many of the same features that have been around forever within the jailbreak community. Take especial note of the second photo. This is the new “Command Center.” There’s a lot of options within that little area. Music controls, brightness, settings toggles, airdrop options, etc. Add access to a flashlight AND you can use this from the lockscreen? Oh yes.

Speaking of, you can also access the notification center from the lockscreen. NC has received a design upgrade as well (4th Photo). Pretty good looking.

Photos have been upgraded in a great way. You can access albums, as usual, but they also automatically sort themselves into “Moments.” As you can see, I have two big moments. One from Keller, Texas, and another while I was in Disneyworld. (Third photo)

Another jailbreak tweak borrowed is from DeepEnd, which moved the background to make it appear that the screen is 3D. It’s a pretty cool, subtle effect. If you roll the screen around on the lockscreen or homescreen, you can see the image behind your icons moving. It’s a really neat effect.

This is just the first beta, so I’m very excited to see what else continues to be shown in next versions.

Screenshots courtesy of myself. Frames to place them in a real life situation thanks to


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